The Bio-pool is Villa Fortezza B&B ‘s

The property’s swimming pool is a bio-pool that does not use chlorine.

The water is purified by aquatic plants in a tank that borders the pool, giving it an enchanted atmosphere that you will share with dragonflies and butterflies.

In the hottest periods of the year some floating algae could appear, evidence of the total absence of chemical inhibitors in the water. We always recommend taking a quick shower before entering the pool and advise against the use of body products because they leave substances in the water that are harmful to the ecosystem of the pool which, while offering all the features and comforts of a modern swimming facility, is in all respects a private natural lake.

For similar reasons, access to the aquatic plants area is not allowed. With your cooperation we are confident we can provide everyone a relaxing experience for body and mind.

The swimming pool is for the exclusive use of the guests of Villa Fortezza B&B and Antique Rooms and of us at home. Enjoy!