Take a walk from B&B Villa Fortezza in Ascoli Piceno to the Castellano river and the Papal Paper Mill

(Walking time: 10 minutes on foot)  

The Castellano river is a splendid corner of paradise a few steps from the B&B Villa Fortezza, where you can rest and immerse yourself in unspoiled nature. The river is even mentioned in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy! It was called the green river for the special color of its waters generated by the sulfur spring of Castel Trosino, an ancient village along the Castellano river.  

The river is a short walk from the path near the property of the B&B Villa Fortezza. In a few minutes the trail will take you first to the Fortezza Pia, or Holy Fortress in English, (an ancient fortress that rises in the most elevated area of the city of Ascoli Piceno, semi-hidden by the vegetation).

After a short descent along a countryside path among the lush green vegetation you will first hear, as a warning to signal your arrival, the sound of the moving water and waterfalls; here you will find natural pools where you can take a regenerating bath on hot summer days.

Alternatively, you can sit and take a break on the river’s smooth rocks, sanded down from the timeless flowing of the waters.Then, continue towards the city along the path adjacent to the river for about 500 meters.

You’ll see the Papal Paper Mill, used in the Middle Ages to produce paper with the help of the river water that was channeled into special mills. So, with only a 10-minute walk from the B&B Villa Fortezza in Ascoli Piceno, you can enjoy the wonderful landscape and a superb natural environment. 

Photo Guide

  • We leave the B&B Villa Fortezza behind us
B&B Villa Fortezza
B&B Villa fortezza
  • We will find ourselves in front of an ancient tower from the 1200s
Torre del 1200
  • IWe begin the ascent on an ancient stairway
The stairway that leads to the river
  • Arrival at Fortezza Pia (Holy Fortress)
Fortezza Pia
  • The view during the walk to the Papal paper mill: It was used in the Middle Ages to produce paper, with the help of the river water that was channeled into special mills.
  • Once we pass the Fortress, we begin our descent towards the river.
The countryside trail that leads to the river
  • After a couple of minutes, here we are on the river.
The Castellano River
Detail of a waterfall
The multiple waterfalls make the river special.
Beach on the riverbank